Free Beats – How To Use Them To Make Money

Every beat maker wants to eventually sell their beats and make money off of them. The sad thing is that most producers online only get shadowed out by the major beat sellers online. The biggest problem is that there are so many beat makers out there that it can be hard to get noticed sometimes. As a solution to this problem, producers have started offering free beats as a way to get people’s attention and have those people come visit their site to download the free beats.

The first thing you need to do is tag your beats.

Tagging your beats ensures that you are going to get credit for your beat even if the artists doesn’t shout you out or give you a link back to your site. A simple tag can be made by recording a vocal tag which is placed over your beat towards the end of the intro. Some producers put their tag all throughout the beat but some producers would say this is not a good thing because if the tag is on their too much, it could make the artist not want to download the beat. A simple vocal tag that happens once during the intro is completely accepted though. Once your beat is tagged you can then upload it to your website, Sound click, or Sound cloud. I suggest building your own website and hosting your downloads there so that you are the only one to benefit from your traffic Buy exclusive beats.

The second thing you need to do is SEO your website for “Free Beats”

If you don’t know about SEO, you should definitely start learning now. Almost every one of the major producers online is practicing search engine optimization in order to get people who are looking for free beats to come to their site. It is a very popular way to get users to find you on Google when they are looking for free beats. I will have to warn you though, the competition is extremely high for these terms and the chances of ranking number one on Google for this term are extremely unlikely. Websites like Sound click already have over 1.5 million links from different people who use their site every day. Also there are a lot of producer that will optimize their Sound click page for the term free beats as well. So not only do you have to worry about Sound click’s competition but you also have to worry about the people on who use their site.

The 3rd and final thing you should do is create a reason for people to buy your beats.

If users are able to download your beats for free, why would they buy them? That’s the question that you need to address on your site. You need to let the artists know that it is important for them to buy beats and that there are way more advantages of buying beats than there are free one. Make them understand the importance of investing in their selves and preparing for the long run rather than the short. Also, don’t offer all of your beats for free. Keep the ones that are really hot only for purchase. That way if they want your best beats they have to pay for them.

Free beats can drive in traffic from users who are looking for beats. That’s all you need to worry about. Yeah, most of them are going to be interested only in the free beats, but some of these people are likely to be customers. A lot of artists just like to try out certain beats to find out if they sound good on them before they buy them.

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